George Washington Hotel
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THE History

of George Washington Hotel

– Designed by renowned architect William Lee Stoddart.

– Built in 1922, it opened on February 22, 1923, on George Washington's Birthday.

– Located at 60 South Main Street, this complex included a movie theater which has been demolished. The hotel's Oval Room, now one of the banquet rooms, had originally functioned as the theater foyer.

– Ballroom on the Mezzanine was referred to as the "Pride of the George Washington". Since then, it has been graced by many persons of distinction.


GUEST celebrities

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home to the largest

remaining mural of early American artist, Malcolm Parcell

Malcolm Parcell created 6 murals for the Pioneer room. The Conestoga Wagon, Pony Express, Pack Horse, Stage Coach, Lafayette visits Washington, and Bradford's Escape (not all murals shown on this website). Parcell lived in Washington, PA in a small white house he called Moon Lorn. The name was a reference to trees on the estate that obscured Parcell's view of the moon. This odd house became part of his artistic legacy too. Parcell designed the place by adding new rooms onto an older structure and fashioning both interior and exterior into a romantic cottage of mainly colonial design.