George Washington Hotel

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George Washington
has seven distinct venues

Our Events Team, each specialized in various capacities, join forces to bring the utmost satisfaction to all guests. Please use the Request Reservation Form at the bottom of this page.



The Grand Ballroom

As the largest venue space, the Grand Ballroom on the second floor is typically reserved for wedding receptions. It's grand character and mezzanine level encourage a joyful gathering for up to 300 attendees. For meetings and classes, the ballroom will accommodate 400 people comfortably.


The Washington Room

On the first floor, the Washington Room is bright and airy. Ceremonies and speakers typically occupy this room for it's acoustics and character.


The Mount Vernon Room

Overlooks the Washington Room with it's 4 step-up balconies. The Mount Vernon room is on the Mezzanine across from the Grand Ballroom.


The English Room

Located on the lower level, the English Room has a similar setting to a Speakeasy, providing the most intimate and cozy atmosphere. It's own bar and banquet area provide comfortable seating for 100 people.


The Oval Room

Through a secret door in the Pioneer Room, you enter onto a stairway, where President Kennedy once stood for a speech. The stairway overlooks the large circular Oval Room, which is typically used for smaller banquets of 60 people and private wine receptions.


The Pioneer Room

Easily accessible directly from Main Street, the Pioneer Room is setup for restaurant style events. This area is often occupied by our musical performances and those looking to have an open public event. Perfect for individual tabs with fully customized food and drink menus.


The Lobby

To create an ambiance and atmosphere throughout your event, the lobby can be setup a number of ways to delight.


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